Here is a quick summary of our financial situation through July 21, 2019. Our weekly offerings have equaled or exceeded the weekly budgeted amount to cover church expenses for most weeks. Currently, the year to date offering total $83,416 and covers our year to date budgeted expenses of $83,160. We have been running a nice surplus but recently that surplus has dwindled down to $256.
Yes, I know it is Summer time and we are all enjoying the beach, mountains or just relaxing at home but let’s not forget that church expenses still occur even when we are on vacation. We all love our church and enjoy the fellowship, preaching and peaceful worship that is so wonderful at Franklin Presbyterian. So my point is to ask you to help us keep our weekly/monthly offerings coming in even during the summer months to cover our expenses.
One last note, we are doing so well with our “Pennies for God’s Children”!!! Thanks to all of you for supporting this worthy cause. Also remember that we will be doing our best to help with the West Rowan Bible Teaching Association. That offering opportunity will come later this year but you can still designate your gift during the year.

Love and Peace to you!
​Toby Morgan