Well, here we are already in September and so far it’s been a wonderful year for our little church! We have grown closer as a Christian family and we have had a lot of joy and fun in our fellowship and weekly gatherings. I see the excitement in the eyes of each of you on Sunday mornings as we come together to worship and to greet each other in Christian fellowship. Isn’t it a joy to greet each other and talk about our adventures from the past week? I love our church and every member that comes to spread joy and worship our Lord!!!
What has all this got to do with Stewardship? Well, in my mind it has a lot to do with stewardship. We all know that everything we have and everything in this world really belongs to God. He’s just letting us use these things and He desires us to use “good stewardship” with the things He has provided for us. A part of that is to share or give back a portion of these gifts or blessings to God for His purposes. Maybe the best word to describe this act of giving back is tithing. With that said, I must say I’m so proud of you for all you have done this year in sharing of your monetary gifts and your time spent serving on committees, mowing the lawn, cooking meals, being greeters, singing in the choir, visiting our sick and shut ins and many other acts of Christian love.
Thank you for supporting our church and the many programs that are so important to all of us!!!

Love and Peace to you!
​Toby Morgan