The information below was in a recent bulletin but is presented here for those who missed seeing the announcement.
With the recommendation from Stewardship and the church Treasurer, our Session approved renaming Two Cents a Meal to Pennies for God’s Children. The reason being is to better identify where our monthly giving event money will go and who will benefit. Therefore, our new monthly collection with be called Pennies for God’s Children.
Our Session feels that our money given to Pennies for God’s Children should benefit children in our county rather than going outside our local area. So, here forward our special monthly collection will go to Children’s Hope Alliance [a combination of the old Grandfather Home for Children and Barium Springs] and to Nazareth Child and Family Connection [formally known as Nazareth Children’s Home].
Children’s Hope Alliance history comes from a Presbyterian background. Barium Springs was founded by two Presbyterian women in 1883 and later the Presbyterian Synod purchased acreage in Barium Springs for the orphanage. Later In 1914 a Presbyterian minister working with a local church in Banner Elk established an orphanage named Grandfather Home for Children.
Our Session also recently approved a change in the annual giving event called the Joy Offering that takes place in December. We will continue to call this giving event Joy Offering but the proceeds now will go to The West Rowan Bible Teaching Association. Most of you know about this association and its purpose. You might ask “how is it allowed to teach Bible and Christianity in our public schools”. Well, the answer is it is allowed as a History class focused on the
Bible and the history of God’s chosen people the Israelites. This class is offered in West Rowan Elementary, Middle and High Schools!
We are very pleased with these changes in where our contributions will go and who will benefit. It seems right that our local needy children to receive services that we at Franklin Presbyterian Church help support.
Let’s all show our love for God’s children by supporting these organizations.
                                                                                                                  Toby Morgan