The Personnel committee is grateful for the staff who make our little church a great place to gather, worship and support one another. Our staff was recognized by members of the personnel committee and the session at a fellowship dinner on August 15th. We had a great turn out at the Blue Bay Seafood restaurant, seems like we all love to eat seafood and hush puppies.
Each member of the staff was recognized by John Lowe for their commitment to Franklin Presbyterian Church as well as to the members and guest we see each week.
Many of you may not realize the number of years that each staff members has served, so let me remind everyone.
The longest serving member is Sue Wilkey with 26 years with Janice Robbins close behind with 23 years. Then Kelly Smith joined the staff in 2001 and now has 17 years, followed by Donna Lowe who has been with us for 12 years. Then we get to the new comers to our team, it was close to a tie with Rev Elam being installed in November of 2014 followed by Mahaley Jarvis in February of 2015. So if you are doing the mental math and think you have the total number of years our staff has been serving, I’m throwing you a little curve because I added in the extra months and the big number is over Eighty Six years! (Actually 86 ¾ years for those perfectionist out there) 
Please take a few moments to thank the staff for their service to our Church and to the community we all serve.
If anyone has any comments or questions concerning the staff, Please feel free to contact me directly. If you happen to miss me at church, Please share any positive comments or learning opportunities for our group at [email protected] or leave me a message in the personnel box in the church office.
Thank You all, 
                                                                                       John Lowe