Wow, It’s February already! January has flown by and we are about to be sending Valentine cards and candy to one another, and a group of our members will be getting together for the annual dinner hosted by the Elam’s. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful and caring people at our church!
The Personnel Committee has been asking for help during the past couple of months to assist in annual review for our Pastor, we have asked for feedback on our staff, to help as a money counter for the treasurer and help has been requested for the youth director on Sunday’s to ensure that we have two adults in the class. It’s sad to say that very few of our members volunteer their time for these opportunities which have the potential to make a difference in the life of our church. A few are stepping up, but they cannot carry the load that needs to be carried!
There have been many sermons and bible study sessions which highlight the opportunity to share the word of Christ outside the walls of our church, and Doug Foxworth has some really neat ideas coming to facilitate the opportunity. We can have a few leaders in the church with ideas, and they create opportunities for those who will step forward and participate. At times I don’t understand how some of our leaders and staff continue on, how they carry the load, and why they continue to try!
Franklin Presbyterian is not a “dead church”, this Is a true statement because we have a core group who are not willing to give up and they will continue to carry the load.
I personally believe that each one of us have a role in the life of our church. I also believe that one day we will stand before the Master and we will be accountable for our actions, good and bad, and in some way, I believe that we will have to reflect upon the opportunities we passed over because we didn’t have time for Gods’ work.  
In the past couple months, I had asked for help with the “Annual Review” of Rev. Elam and did get a volunteer or two. During my research and thoughtful consideration of what this review needed to include, I went back to the “Book of Order” for some guidance. II found that an “Annual Review” of the Pastor was not required, however we are required to make sure that his compensation and benefits fall within the guidelines per the Presbytery.
This being said- The Personnel Committee is considering the opportunity to provide “Annual Feedback” to the Pastor, and what feedback would be beneficial. We will be considering a wide range of topics and attributes that could be used for guiding our Pastor along a path that benefits the congregation. We will continue to provide updates on this as we move forward, and, anyone who feels that providing “Feedback” is something more appealing than an “Annual Review”, the opportunity still exist.
The next topic is one that I have mentioned before and was in my January Beacon Article. I am going to include this again as I have not seen a lot of volunteers signing up on the clipboard that has been passed around the sanctuary on Sunday.
In addition to this, I’m sure that the Youth Director will be making an announcement for help once again as She continues to identify enough volunteers to make out a schedule.
During our annual staff reviews, I received some really good feedback from our staff and we will be making some subtle changes as a result. We will begin to list the name of the volunteers who assist the Youth Director in the Sunday bulletin so it is easier to keep up with, these will continue to be posted in the Beacon each month. It is very important that we have a second adult with the Youth Director so we follow the Safe Sanctuary Policy; on Sunday where we do not have a second adult in the class, the youth will have to come upstairs and miss out on the planned curriculum.
I have also received feedback from some volunteers who assist with children’s Sunday School and Children’s Church, these volunteers have expressed a desire to “have a role and be a part of the program” so here are the details on how we will work this out.
A copy of the materials to be used during the Sunday School and Children’s Church will be place in the box on the wall above the copier the Sunday before- It will be the responsibility for each volunteer to pick up their copy so they can review it and be prepared to assist the following week
The volunteer will have an identified teaching role during the Sunday classes, these will be identified in the copy of the materials you will pick up prior to your week to assist.
Once the schedule is put together and published, it will be the responsibility of the volunteer to be on time and ready to assist for the youth services. IF you are unable to attend during the week you are scheduled- The volunteer should arrange for a replacement and notify the Youth Director of the change. 
If anyone has any comments or questions concerning the staff, Please feel free to contact me directly. If you happen to miss me at church, Please share any positive comments or learning opportunities for our group at [email protected] or leave me a message in the Personnel box in the church office.

Thank You all, 
                                                                                       John Lowe