Christian Education

  Greetings from the Christian Education.  We are humming along… moving forward in the Lord as best we can.  The adult curriculum is exciting. 
Just a few weeks ago, the text covered false teachers and teachings.  I wish everyone could have taken part in that lesson.  We learned that God is adamant that false teaching must be expelled from His church.
That’s a lot to chew on, here in the society in which we live.  In fact, it’s a red alert in our denomination as we hear more and more about the direction it has taken.
We strive, in all our Christian educational endeavors, to stay true to the word of God found in the Bible.  When we are confident we have found that truth, we celebrate. 
But the buck does not stop there.  It is not enough that we find a truth, then tuck it away for someone else to act upon.  God calls us to take the truths He gives to us into the world, in teaching and in action.
Join in the Christian educational process here at Franklin Presbyterian Church!  Grow in the truth with us, so that, together, we can share this truth in the community, and gorge ahead wherever this truth leads. 
Opportunities for learning abound.  Join a Sunday School class, go to Tuesday Bible Studies, and/or help in the teaching of the youth.  You’ll be rewarded beyond your wildest imagination!
In Christ,
Rev. Elam